Sunday, March 28, 2010

i'll just STOP.

I’m typing this note…but I’m not in-love. I’m just ADDICTED TO LOVE.

How can you tell when you’re already in-love? Is it by the butterflies you have inside you? How do you love a person? Is it by the way he walks? Or by the way he fills your day with surprises? Is it by the way she speaks? Or the way she turns a bad day into a day you’ll never forget?

Do you encounter these questions; Is he in-love with me? Is she feeling the same way?

I woke up this morning feeling sore. I didn’t know what to do. I kept on staring at the floorings of my room. After a few minutes my phone vibrated. I had 5 missed calls and 7 messages. I turned it off; I didn’t want to start my day bad. I was receiving missed calls and messages from someone I detest. He’s a stalker, yes…a STALKER. Still, I was lying on my bed and haven’t changed my position. I just moved my right arm a bit and left it hanging as my fingers touched the floor. I can’t feel my legs but I know that I was moving them. It was hot; I can taste the dry air. Someone turned off my fan. Despite my aching legs I pushed myself to stand. Then, I saw it; given by someone who’s close to my heart. I picked it up and read the writings at the back. Then, I felt less sore. I had my smile and forgot my aching legs. Is this love? Because he makes the pain go away?

Hmmmm. When someone is so sweet to you, to the extent that he holds your hand and wraps his arms around your shoulder, is it his way of showing affection or is he just being normal around you?

Someone told me, that it’s either the guy is not being vocal with his feeling or he’s a flirt. I can’t risk my heart again. I can’t stand in front of him and ask him, “Do you like me?” I can’t risk what we have. (something that exists on my pretend world).

I’ll stop. I have too.

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