Friday, March 26, 2010

If only I could turn back time, I'll do it. I'll do it for sure

do you want a time machine? or a remote control that could pause, rewind, fast forward (bla bla bla). do you?

have you watched the movie click? the protagonist had a remote that could control things.
well, i want one. i have this urge to go back, back to something that needs to be repaired.

wishing to go back is probably the most common of all the common wishes. fro example, every one of us desired to fly, to be invisible and to time travel. yes, i want. i want to be a time traveler, sound's cool huh?

why do i want to travel? i want to make up for the mistakes i did. the kind of mistakes that stained my life. i love someone, something happened and that made my life miserable. because of my cowardliness and all of the bad traits in me, i lost him. i lost the guy i love. i gave him up, i gave him to someone that he didn't deserved. i had the best interests at heart, i love everything i have. i would give up anything just for him to say i love you too. but, i lost. i completely lost.

i need a remote control or a time machine, a time car or just teach me how to teleport through time and that will make me the happiest person alive.

but someone tapped me and said, what if this is your real path. that the one you wished to travel is for someone much more deserving and that it belonged to someone who needed it more than you do. well, i slapped hard. very very hard. it stinged and it left bruises that will heal in due time.

i want to stop wondering what if... and i wan to know what is.


  1. BASE!!!!!!!!

    ako ang unang nag comment sa iyo ahehehe

    anyway nice post.... mukhang same wavelength tayong dalawa ah...

    sana nga may remote tayo ng buhay wherein we can stop, pause, play at rewind lahat ng mga nangyayari sa atin kaso parang di pwede... haaaay

    ganayan talaga ang life....

  2. SALAMAT! haha

    if only we have the power to rewind things. everything will be the way we want things to be. but, we can't. because if we'll have control, everything won't be exciting and thrilling. but thrilling makes us hurt. makes me hurt.

    let's just accept the things we have now.
    night. haha

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